About YES

YES Aruba is a non-government foundation aimed at inspiring, encouraging and assisting sustainable growth of new small business and entrepreneurs in the community of Aruba.

As a group our mission is to:

  • Stimulate new business and assist existing Small & Medium business ‘SMB’ in overcoming barriers to entry/operation
  • Organize brainstorming think tanks for entrepreneurs
  • Organize Networking sessions among entrepreneurs and Helpful Parties
  • Create mentor relationships with more experienced successful entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Organize small events/showcases for new businesses entering the market
  • Influence Business Policy to help ease and increase sustainability and growth of Business in Aruba

We have been fortunate to have many distinguished individuals join us on our advisory board. These members include: Mrs. Joyce Bartels-Daal, Mrs. Jodi Tobman, Mr. Ryan Peterson, Mr. Edward Erasmus, Mr. Carlos Maduro and Mrs. Audrey Lacle.